MycoFence® is a pure, organic immunity booster and prebiotic supplement that’s rich in high-quality beta – (1,3/1,6)-glucans (>60%). Derived from mycelium, it’s an eco-friendly and sustainable resource.

Why MycoFence®?

• Boosts immune system

• Hypo-allergenic

• Eco-friendly, sustainable

How is MycoFence® produced?

MycoFence is a strong immunity booster, rich in beta-glucan and derived from mycelium. In an optimised and validated production process, all proteins from the mycelium can be removed with a gentle extraction. What is left is a pure isolate powder high in beta-glucan content,  that we call Mycofence®.

MycoFence® benefits explained

Climate & Society

The urgency for innovative immune enhancing products is underlined by the increasing problems in aquaculture, such as overfishing and rising ocean temperatures, factors that contribute to increased risk of infections and greater dependence on antibiotics.

Through advanced challenge testing with shrimp and salmon, this product proves ability to significantly reduce mortality related to both viral and bacterial infections.

Replacing animal raw materials with plant-based alternatives, combined with the immune-stimulating effect, addresses two crucial challenges in aquaculture: the need for more sustainable food sources and reducing the use of antibiotics.

Why MycoFence®?

The impressive ability of MycoFence® to significantly reduce mortality due to both viral and bacterial infections. This promises a future with less dependence on antibiotics in crucial fish species, a breakthrough that not only benefits the health of the animals, but also has a positive impact on aquaculture and the environment in general.

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