Citribel's Transformative Approach to Citric Acid, Citrates, Mycelium and other Circular Products

At Citribel, we don’t just offer products, we provide innovative solutions with distinctive properties. Our commitment to customization and sustainability sets us apart, leading the way in circular production for citric acid, citrates, and mycelium. Let’s explore the diverse range of products we offer and showcase Citribel’s sustainable and innovative solutions.

Citribel’s Citric Acid

We are committed to meet the unique requirements of our clients.

The applications of citric acid are continually evolving, and at Citribel, we actively contribute to this evolution. Our production process enables us to offer citric acid in various forms: dry form anhydrous or as monohydrate in different granulations, powders, or solutions tailored to meet specific customer needs. Additionally, our dedication to customization extends to packaging and logistic services, highlighting our commitment to meeting the unique requirements of our clients.

Citrates by Citribel

Citribel produces citric acid, trisodium citrate, and monosodium citrate for various industries.

In addition to citric acid, Citribel’s production line includes two essential citrates: trisodium citrate dihydrate (TSC) and monosodium citrate anhydrous (MSC). These versatile, white, granular crystals find applications in foods, beverages, and various technical uses, providing comprehensive solutions for diverse industries.

Citribel Mycelium

Our mycelium, a remarkable root-like structure, can be dried and milled into a high-quality powder, seamlessly integrating into various formulations. With a century-long dedication to cultivating this unique Citribel fungus on sugar molasses, we position ourselves as pioneers in industrial-scale mycelium production, making us a key player in sustainable and innovative solutions.

Other Circular Products

Citribel’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond citric acid and citrates.

Our circular products include Low K Vinasse (Nutribond®), utilized in the feed industry; potassium calcium salt (Citrofert®); and gypsum (Citrogips®), offering eco-friendly solutions for agriculture, dental applications, and building materials.

Our commitment to sustainability, customization, and innovation positions us as a key player in delivering high-quality solutions that have the power to transform industries. 🍋💡

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