Citribel Mycelium

What is Citribel Mycelium?

Mycelium is the root-like structure of a fungus, which can grow underground or on decomposing tree trunks. Mycelium forms a complex network of microscopic tubes that fulfills various functions. One of its most important functions entails the secretion of enzymes to decompose organic material and making the nutrients available again for plants and trees. As such, mycelium is vital in providing connections in the eco-system, earning it the nickname “the wood wide web.”

There are various types of mycelia, each with its unique properties, like the mycelium produced at Citribel. The Aspergillus niger fungus responsible for producing our mycelium has evolved over several decades to thrive on sugar molasses and produce citric acid at a high efficiency, resulting in the co-production of mycelium. What is important for industrial applications of mycelium is that its production is continuous, stable and at a large scale. With its production of six football fields per day, Citribel is one of the largest mycelium producers to date.

With a 100-year history of producing natural citric acid on an industrial scale, Citribel generates a stable, continuous volume of wet mycelium comparable to around six football fields per day. Making Citribel a mycelium producer as much as a producer of citric acidAfter careful harvesting, we dry and mill the filaments, creating a unique mycelium powder. In close collaboration with our Italian colleagues their style, know-how, and expertise we produce a diverse range of MycaNova fabrics on an industrial scale. Citribel is one of the few mycelium producers that produce mycelium in such high volume. 
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Application area’s of Citribel Mycelium?

Our wet mycelium is rich in protein, which makes it ideal for feed supplementation. Since no additional processes are required for its production, it is an eco-friendly and sustainable resource. Our dry mycelium powder is a high-quality component that mixes easily with existing blends and formulations. It can be used as biomaterial in applications, such as shoe uppers, leather goods, luxury packing, furniture, automotive and others.

Extract the proteins, what remains is a product, rich in beta-glucans, that can boost the immune system to fight off infections.

Based on our years of experience, Citribel not only produces mycelium at industrial scale, but it also has the expertise on mycelium at industrial scale.

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To guarantee the quality of our Mycelium, Citribel has taken steps to certify its products. 
Citribel is proudly certified:
  • Ecovadis, for its sustainable approach

  • GMP+ for feed safety assurance

  • Halal, by the halal food council of Europe

  • Kosher, through the kosher certification service

  • ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 22000 / FSSC 22000

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